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EU VET providers Associations (VET4EU2) sign up for stronger cooperation

During the Vocational Skills Week in Brussels the EU VET providers associations signed a memorandum of understanding to strengthen their cooperation. The memorandum is a next step in a growing cooperation between the associations, together with higher and university professional education at a European level. The associations EUproVET EfVET EVBB EVTA EURASHE and EUCEN are joined in VET4EU2. They will intensify their cooperation including opening their activities for their mutual members and strengthening participation in projects and joint policy contributions. This cooperation is welcomed by the EU commission. The signing was witnessed by Dana Bachman and Joao Santos of the EU commission. Regular meetings of VET4EU2 with the EU commission is arranged through a 3-year mandate in an Expert group for VET including Cedefop and ETF.


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