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INNOTECS conference Valencia - 26th October 2016    

INNOTECS (INternational Network Of TEChnical Schools) is the new international network for Technical VET schools to discuss these challenges, to share information in a sustainable way and to promote mutual trust and transparency in order to contribute to mobility and a better balance on the European labour market.

INNOTECS 2016 Conference is the second of a series of annual conferences promoted by the INNOTECS network to bring an integrated European dimension to Vocational Education and Training.

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26th Annual EfVET International Conference

The EfVET Conference 2016 will take place in Valencia, Spain from 26 - 29 October 2016
For  information and registration, please go to


EE-HUB Webinars & meetings

Targeted meeting 31 January 2017 Target group: network entrepreneurs
Round table meeting to be planned: May 2017 Target group: policy makers
   For further information: Jos van Kollenburg


Current Projects

EUproVET and EUproVET members are currently participating in the following projects:



Entrepreneurship has never been more important than today. The current complex and insecure economic environment requires individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Good reasons for a  Leonardo da Vinci project about strategies and training to encourage entrepreneurship.
More information: www.edisonentrepreneurship.eu



The European Entrepreneurship Education NETwork (EE-HUB) is a focal point for entrepreneurship education in Europe bringing together organizations and individuals from both the public and private sectors with strong records of accomplishment in entrepreneurship education at regional, national and European level. The network of individual experts are committed to entrepreneurial learning and engaged with organisations or sister networks in the field and/or with national or regional governments. In addition, MEP Ambassadors endorse and promote recommendations of the EE-HUB through their policy work. 

Through multiple channels, the experts in the EE-HUB will collect, analyse and recommend at least 25 “best practice” from the field and contribute to 85 outreach activities. In peer learning activities and meetings, they will reach out through their own networks as effective multipliers and forward these recommendations back to ministries, organisations and practitioners across Europe. 

The EE-HUB is a 3 years project (2015 –2018) co-founded by the European Commission, Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) under the COSME Programme. The consortium managing the EE-HUB is composed of 4 partners: JA Europe, EUROCHAMBRES, SEECEL, EUproVET. Cisco, EY, Intel, Microsoft, Visa, have joined as private sector partners.

More information: http://www.ee-hub.eu

Read more about the EE-HUB and contribute to the discussion on Twitter using #EEhubEU.




Work based learning (WBL) is high on the European agenda, as it is supposed to bring VET nearer to the demands of the labour market. How cost-effective are WBL and apprenticeships from the point of view of employers.

More information:  http://erc-online.eu/events/final-conference-employers-project-cost-effectiveness-apprenticeship-schemes


Barcelona Declaration

On the 10th of July 2014 the organisations listed below drafted a joint declaration, also known as the Barcelona Declaration, in which the members have indicated to be willing to make a constructive contribution to the EU2020 agenda.


Together these organisations operate under the name of VET4EU2. This name refers to the four organisations involved in Vocational Education and Training (EUproVET, EfVET, EVTA and EVBB) and two organisations involved in Higher Education (EURASHE and EUCEN).

VET Skills Week 2016

EUproVET is strongly involved in the preparation and realization of the VET Skills Week which takes place in Brussels from 5-9 December 2016. For more information: Website VET Skills Week 2016