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The PRALINE Project:

Promoting Adult Learning in Networks

The Aim of the PRALINE Project 

Starting Date: 15th January 2021
Duration: 36 months

One of the primary general objectives of this project is establishment, development and strengthening of the networks associated with the partner organisations in order to support regional, national and international collaboration with an aim of promoting Adult Learning Education. Development and strengthening of the networks will in turn strengthen the existing EUproVET network, a representational platform for European VET and Adult Education providers’ associations at both national or regional level.


EUproVET was launched in 2009, the current members are the provider associations from FI, IE, NL, SI, and UK. All members share a strong commitment to Adult Learning and Education (ALE). In order to increase the EUproVET-membership, to learn from each other and to support the position of other ALE and VET associations, we aim to enlarge EUproVET with new members from EE, HR, ES, FR, DE, PT and TR.

New members will use the wider EUproVET network to both strengthen support regionally or nationally and to promote and widen their international cooperation around ALE at practitioner and policy level.

Lead Partner:

MBO Raad, Netherlands


Association of Colleges, UK

Education and Training Board Ireland (ETBI), Ireland

Ammattiosaamisen Kehittämisyhdistys AMKE Ry, Finland

Skupnost Zavodov Konzorcij Solskih Centrov, Slovenia

Estonian Association For Advancement Of Vocational Education, Estonia

Ikaslan Bizkaia. Asoc. De Directores/As De Inst. Pcos. De Secu, Spain

Asociacion De Centros De Formación Profesional Fpempresa, Spain

Union Nationale Des Maisons Familiales Rurales d’Education Et, France

Associacao Nacional De Escolas Profissionais, Portugal

Hrvatsko Andragosko Drustvo, Croatia

Bundesverband Der Trager Beruflicher Bildung Ev, Germany

Read more about the project partners



22-23 May 2023 PLA7 Face to face in Finland

The next meeting will be held in Helsinki.

30-31 January 2023 PLA6 Face to face in France

The sixth PLA meeting took place in La Rochelle.

6-7 October 2022 PLA5 Face to face in Estonia

The fifth PLA meeting took place in Tallinn.

10-11 May 2022 PLA4 Face to face in Irland

The fourth PLA meeting took place in Dublin. Read more.

14-15 March 2022 PLA3 Face to face in Portugal

The third PLA meeting took place in Lisbon. Read more.

7- 8 October 2021 PLA2 Face to face in Spain

The second PLA of the project took place at the beginning of October in the city of Valencia. Read more.

10 March 2021 PLA1 online

The session was hosted by the French project partner. The main theme was Europe and the challenges of sustainability, greening and circular economy.

11 February 2021 Kick off, part 2 online

The partners got an overview about adult education in Spain and presentation about the Finnish educational reform.

16 December 2020 Kick off, part 1 online

The participants introduced themselves and described the situation in their country and their expectations for this project. Partners discussed about project roles, finances and main tasks/obligations.

Presentations, articles and podcasts

PLA 6 in La Rochelle, Good practice cases:


PLA5 in Tallinn: Digitalisation, Automation and Artificial Intelligence - Upskilling and reskilling adults in a digital age. Good practice cases.  

PLA4 in Dublin: Design Thinking ProVET workshop by Dr Hilary Kenna

PLA4 in Dublin, Good Practice Cases: 

PLA3 in Lisbon, Good Practice Cases:

Article: PTA in France by Philippe Ristord


Podcast 2: An interview with Meeli Kaldma and Triin Laasi-Õige about Estonia, known as the most digital country

Podcast 1: An interview with Manfred Polzin and Marquerite Hogg about Challenges in adult education



Results will be published here.

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