The PRALINE Project:

Promoting Adult Learning in Networks

The Aim of the PRALINE Project 

Starting Date: 15th January 2021
Duration: 36 months

One of the primary general objectives of this project is establishment, development and strengthening of the networks associated with the partner organisations in order to support regional, national and international collaboration with an aim of promoting Adult Learning Education. Development and strengthening of the networks will in turn strengthen the existing EUproVET network, a representational platform for European VET and Adult Education providers’ associations at both national or regional level.


EUproVET was launched in 2009, the current members are the provider associations from FI, IE, NL, SI, and UK. All members share a strong commitment to Adult Learning and Education (ALE). In order to increase the EUproVET-membership, to learn from each other and to support the position of other ALE and VET associations, we aim to enlarge EUproVET with new members from EE, HR, ES, FR, DE, PT and TR.

New members will use the wider EUproVET network to both strengthen support regionally or nationally and to promote and widen their international cooperation around ALE at practitioner and policy level.

Project Partners

Lead Partner: MBO Raad, Netherlands




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